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Having different people come together and be on a team and win a world championship is literally, I think, the definition of being American. ---->>>

The most important thing is that sometimes you have to go through hard times to get to the good stuff. ---->>>

My nephew has type 1 diabetes, and it's my goal and hope that in his lifetime there will be a cure for diabetes. There's no place better to give the money to than the Juvenile Diabetes Association. ---->>>

2014 was physically a tough year because I injured my knee, and you know how that goes with your emotions and the mentality. ---->>>

A few goals is the way soccer is meant to be played. ---->>>

Any good attacker will always beat a defender who's face-marking you. ---->>>

As a competitor, I want to continue to keep turning the chapters and keep challenging myself. ---->>>

As an athlete, you are literally programmed to endure a specific amount of pain. ---->>>

I always think that struggle can bring out the best in people - or the worst. ---->>>

I have a unique ability to predict the flight of the ball, and my teammates have a unique ability to find me. ---->>>

I have never once dribbled the whole field and scored a goal by myself. ---->>>

I haven't won a World Cup. There's things that haven't been finished, and I'm not afraid to fall flat on my face trying. ---->>>

I know that I was put on this planet to be an athlete. ---->>>

I know that I'll end up being a role model for many, many people out there for all kinds of reasons. ---->>>

I really enjoy helping people out, and I enjoy time spent with kids. ---->>>

I think making the referee aware of a situation, there is nothing wrong with that. ---->>>

I think, as you grow older, you have figure out the best way to utilize not only your body but your skill. ---->>>

I want to do what I can to give the next generation of athletes added advantages in the game. ---->>>

I want to reduce my risks as much as possible and hopefully be able to go to the World Cup fit, ready and healthy. ---->>>

I would love to be a mum if I'm blessed to have children. My wife and I have those plans. ---->>>

I would say Hope Solo is competitive. ---->>>

I would trade all the individual awards I've won for a World Cup. ---->>>

I'm a pretty decent cook. I like to grill. I have a smoker that I love. I love me some steak. And I'll make a huge salad with a ton of vegetables. ---->>>

I'm not in the business of politics. ---->>>

I'm not spending every second thinking about the World Cup, but it's always in my mind when I make choices and decisions. ---->>>

I'm not sure if I'm going to get into coaching. I'm sure I'll stay in soccer somehow. ---->>>

I'm pretty goofy. I laugh at my own jokes. ---->>>

I've always been motivated more by negative comments than by positive ones. I know what I do well. Tell me what I don't do well.

I've always been motivated more by negative comments than by positive ones. I know what I do well. Tell me what I don't do well.

I've always had a dream of owning a restaurant. ---->>>

If you break an individual record, it's because of the greatness that comes before you. ---->>>

It's a heavy burden to look up at the mountain and want to start the climb. ---->>>

My go-to karaoke? 'Alone' by Celine Dion. ---->>>

My parents, they're the kind of people that didn't want me to get a big head, so they just kept challenging me and challenging me. ---->>>

My sole focus is to help bring a World Cup back to the U.S. ---->>>

Nobody is offered a World Cup. ---->>>

People don't think an athlete nowadays can have a team-first mentality and I do. ---->>>

Sometimes if you have a coach or team-mates for too long, you get caught in certain routines. I think it's good to shake up things a little bit. ---->>>

Sometimes there has to be a goat on some level, and I'm totally fine with that being me. ---->>>

Sometimes when you fail, it allows you the opportunity to grow more motivation and get more intense about your training. ---->>>

The growth of women's soccer and women's sports all around the world has been slow. ---->>>

The most important thing is to get better at your craft, and concussions and head impacts are a setback. ---->>>

The truth is, I've been on a team my whole life. I'm the youngest of 7, so I've been training to be an athlete my whole life. ---->>>

There are standards of the game that FIFA governs and promises to uphold. ---->>>

To win a championship, you have to have a little bit of luck on your side. ---->>>

When you can score three goals without the most prolific scorer in the world, you know you have a lot of depth, and it gives you confidence. ---->>>

Winning, you can overlook so many things. ---->>>

Your heart can only take you so far - sometimes the physical body tells you otherwise. ---->>>

Any little touch a defender can make on me when I'm in the air literally moves me. On the ground, I can use my muscle, but in the air, it's harder to fight that off. ---->>>

As professional soccer players, we take our bodies to the extreme. We're the people at the gym that look like we're breaking the machines. Pushing our bodies to the limits is what makes us so strong and capable and Olympians. It's not an easy thing to consistently do over and over again to your body. ---->>>

As soon as I started to realize that I could make a living playing professional soccer, I went to that place where I could torture myself because I knew it would make me better for the championship game. ---->>>

At the most elite level, your nutrition becomes a lifestyle: it's not something you have to do when you're preparing for Olympic games or World Cup games - you just do it. You're more inclined to eat healthier because it's better for your muscles. ---->>>

During events like the World Cup and the Olympics, I tend to get really wrapped up in my own experience to stay focused, but it's like a bubble. I don't see much outside my own perspective.

During events like the World Cup and the Olympics, I tend to get really wrapped up in my own experience to stay focused, but it's like a bubble. I don't see much outside my own perspective.

For any athlete growing up, the Olympics is the one thing you watch with your family, and it's the one thing you dream about. Seeing your country's flag go up as you get a gold medal is the best thing you can achieve. ---->>>

From a pretty early age, my mother realized that I was a little bit more gifted and talented than my own age group. So, she moved me over to play with the boys' travel soccer team when I was about 11 years old. ---->>>

I am not a politician by nature, but I will say I think there need to be more women in FIFA, and I would be open to having those conversations when the time is right. ---->>>

I can't speak for other people, but for me, I feel like gone are the days that you need to come out of a closet. I never felt like I was in a closet. I never did. I always felt comfortable with who I am and the decisions I made. ---->>>

I don't care how many championships you've won or how many records you've broken - if you've had a hand in pushing forward not only a game but women in sport's movement, then I think that's pretty darn good. ---->>>

I hope we can get to a point where women players are being paid properly all around the world so the only thing they have to worry about is playing football and playing football alone. ---->>>

I think that in order to get better as an athlete and to see whatever kind of results you're after, you have to make goals. Whether you write them down or tell someone about them, it's important to set goals for yourself in order to achieve any kind of success. ---->>>

I think there's so much emphasis on body image and results and outcome, but really what you should be after is to be healthy and to feel good about yourself. ---->>>

I'm honestly not the kind of person who wants to step up to a podium, test the microphone and be like, 'Hey, I'm homosexual and this is who I am, hear me roar.' That's not who I am. ---->>>

If I can help a kid feel more comfortable in their skin because they're struggling with maybe the things I struggled with in high school, that's great. ---->>>

It's always really challenging trying to go from player to player/coach. You have a kind of friendship basis of relationship with all of your teammates, and now you go to this power position where you have to make decisions that might hurt people's feelings. ---->>>

My eldest sister Beth is a doctor who studied at Harvard and Columbia and played basketball for Harvard. She set the athletic and academic standard for the rest of us to follow. ---->>>

My teammates have put me in all different kinds of positions to score goals, and I can't say it enough, and I really through and through believe it in my heart that I'm only as good as my teammates allow me to be. ---->>>

One thing I love to do when I'm working out is take my watch off, take my heart strap off, and just run - not for time, not for exertion, but just to get the blood flowing. ---->>>

People don't understand that the feel of the surface is so important for a footballer. The ball travels on the surface; our feet move on the surface - all of that goes into how the game is actually played. ---->>>

Soccer players generally burn through all of their carbohydrate stores by halftime, so how are you going to replace those? That's what we do at halftime. ---->>>

The minute you step off that podium is the minute you start preparing for the next world championship. That's kind of how I work. You celebrate for a brief moment, then you move on. ---->>>

This might sound masochistic or narcissistic, I don't know, but when I'm not playing the game, the validations I feel about life are always through the hardships. I relate more to sadness, in a lot of ways, when I'm not playing. ---->>>

When I look in the mirror, I don't see a person who's made the kind of impact that Mia Hamm made on the game. She's still my idol, the greatest player and the greatest teammate. She achieved so much in so many different ways. What she did for women's soccer can't be measured. ---->>>

When I was in college, I learned to really take care of my body and figured out what works best for me and what doesn't work for me when it comes to my nutrition. That helped so much on the field because soccer is such a fitness-oriented game. ---->>>

When I was really young, the women's national team wasn't on a grand media stage, so my role models were male basketball and male American football players. ---->>>

Whenever you get to win, you feel the satisfaction of all of your hard work, all the sacrifices, all the blood, sweat and tears. It feels right and makes you realise that you are really doing the right thing. ---->>>

You know me, I'm not that kind of person that cares to unveil all of my personal things to the world because frankly, in terms of my soccer, it doesn't matter. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 06-02, 1980
Occupation: Athlete

Mary Abigail Wambach (born June 2, 1980) is an American retired soccer player, coach, two-time Olympic gold medalist and FIFA Women's World Cup champion. A six-time winner of the U.S. Soccer Athlete of the Year award, Wambach was a regular on the U.S. women's national soccer team from 2003 to 2015, earning her first cap in 2001 (wikipedia)