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I loved every day I was in politics. But I got out at the right time. I never miss it. ---->>>

You should not do an autobiography if you want to tell the truth. There are a lot of things I know about people. If I can't say something good about a person, I don't want to say anything. And since I don't want to say anything bad, I won't write a book. ---->>>

Nothing is as sad as seeing a person who used to have power have none. ---->>>

I've been around the track a lot. I've had the best of the years, and I don't want a single year back. ---->>>

Abe Ribicoff believes in that American dream. I believe it from the bottom of my heart, and your sons and daughters, too, can have the American dream come true. ---->>>

My father was a factory worker, and we were really poor. But everything I earned peddling papers and working in stores, he made me put aside for education. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 04-09, 1910
Die: 02-22, 1998
Occupation: Politician

Abraham Alexander "Abe" Ribicoff (April 9, 1910 – February 22, 1998) was an American Democratic Party politician. He served in the United States Congress, as the 80th Governor of Connecticut and as President John F. Kennedy's Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare. He was Connecticut's first and to date only Jewish governor (wikipedia)