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Work is hard. Distractions are plentiful. And time is short. ---->>>

As the First World War made painfully clear, when politicians and generals lead nations into war, they almost invariably assume swift victory, and have a remarkably enduring tendency not to foresee problems that, in hindsight, seem obvious. ---->>>

For the better part of two centuries, outsiders have been offering explanations that range from racist to learned-sounding - the supposed inferiority of blacks, the heritage of slavery, overpopulation - for why Haiti remains the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. ---->>>

Someday, I have no doubt, the dead from today's wars will be seen with a similar sense of sorrow at needless loss and folly as those millions of men who lie in the cemeteries of France and Belgium - and tens of millions of Americans will feel a similar revulsion for the politicians and generals who were so spendthrift with others' lives. ---->>>

The first World War in so many ways shaped the 20th century and really remade our world for the worse. ---->>>

I think the tradition of well-written history hasn't been squashed out of the academic world as much in Britain as it has in the United States. ---->>>

No international court can ever substitute for a working national justice system. Or for a society at peace. ---->>>

I think that, in almost all human beings, there is buried a profound tribal instinct that makes us very susceptible to being aroused to patriotic fervour. ---->>>

Newt Gingrich seldom misses a chance to note that he is a historian. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 06-21, 2015
Birthplace: New York City, United States
Occupation: Writer

Adam Hochschild (/ˈhoʊkʃɪld/; born October 5, 1942) is an American author, journalist, and lecturer. His best-known works include King Leopold's Ghost (1998), To End All Wars: A Story of Loyalty and Rebellion, 1914–1918 (2011), Bury the Chains (2005), The Mirror at Midnight (1990), The Unquiet Ghost (1994), and, most recently Spain in Our Hearts (wikipedia)