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My family background is Mexican, and I was born in Chicago. It's pretty much family tradition every time we get together for Christmas and major holidays to sing. Our family time is centered around the food and a little bit of performing for one another. ---->>>

Sometimes the leads are equally balanced, like in 'Romeo and Juliet,' but sometimes they're just not. ---->>>

From a young age, I was encouraged to sing, dance and learn folk and popular songs in Spanish. ---->>>

Music and opera are a big part of my life. ---->>>

The more you're out there singing, learning, and adding roles to your repertoire, it reforms the next piece. ---->>>

I had teachers in high school to point me in the direction of the University of Indiana School of Music, and after IU, I went on to study at the Academy of Arts in Philadelphia. I graduated in 2006. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 06-21, 1979
Occupation: Musician

Ailyn Pérez (born August 15, 1979) is an American operatic soprano and the winner of the 2012 Richard Tucker Award. In 2016, she received the $50,000 Beverly Sills Award and the 2017 Sphinx Medal of Excellence from the Sphinx Organization. Pérez also serves as an Advisory Board member for Time In Kids (wikipedia)