Al Alvarez short quotes

I think one of the interesting things about poker is that once you let your ego in, you're done for. ---->>>

Yes, I think poker really isn't gambling. ---->>>

I hate writing. ---->>>

I mean to say, this is the book and I really loathe it and I can't imagine what a nice Jewish boy like me ever, how I ever got into this dreadful trade. ---->>>

I could think of worse ways of going than at the poker table. ---->>>

I absolutely don't believe in anything. Full stop. Including luck. ---->>>

I mean being a writer is like being a psychoanalyst, but you don't get any patients. ---->>>

I'm good at reading people. ---->>>

Now, if, as I think, writing should be, it's a kind of risky trade. ---->>>

The fact that we write about it doesn't mean we play better than ordinary players at all. ---->>>

When you make a bet, you're saying something. ---->>>

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