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To exercise at or near capacity is the best way I know of reaching a true introspective state. If you do it right, it can open all kinds of inner doors. ---->>>

I never set out to beat the world. I just set out to do my absolute best. ---->>>

I don't think the discus will ever attract any interest until they let us start throwing them at each other. ---->>>

I don't compete with other discus throwers. I compete with my own history. ---->>>


Name: Al Oerter
Nationality: American
Born: 09-19, 1936
Birthplace: Astoria, New York, U.S.
Die: 10-01, 2007
Occupation: Athlete

Alfred Oerter, Jr. (September 19, 1936 – October 1, 2007) was an American athlete and a four-time Olympic Champion in the discus throw. He was the first athlete to win a gold medal in the same event in four consecutive Olympic Games. Oerter is an inductee of the IAAF Hall of Fame.(wikipedia)