Alan Sugar short quotes

The entrepreneurial instinct is in you. You can't learn it, you can't buy it, you can't put it in a bottle. It's just there and it comes out. ---->>>

I don't make enemies, it's just I'm not afraid to speak my mind, which can sometimes mean people don't like what I am saying. ---->>>

Once you decide to work for yourself, you never go back to work for somebody else. ---->>>

You can't stop people printing what they want to print. ---->>>

I have principles and I am not going to be forced to compromise them. ---->>>

You've got to admire Sir Richard Branson. He is a completely different style of businessman to me, but you have got to admire what he has achieved. ---->>>

I get angry when people bring derisory actions against me. ---->>>

There is a lot of luck in football. Following England is like following Wycombe Wanders or Leyton Orient. You hope for the best and hope you are lucky. ---->>>

I am tired of hustling. ---->>>

I've just got an exceptional memory, if I say so myself. ---->>>

It is torment to be segregated out because of some bit of clothing that you're wearing. ---->>>

My mother was a housewife. My father was a garment worker. ---->>>

Not everybody needs to go to university; they can get out and start working straight away. ---->>>

Why work when you can fill out a few forms and get paid for doing nothing? ---->>>

I did not come into football to make money. I had already made millions. ---->>>

Among some of the youngsters, I think reality TV has installed that culture into them and inspired a few of them into wanting to be 'TV celebrities.' ---->>>

I don't like paying 50 per cent of tax. ---->>>

I don't like this young crudeness now which is supposed to be comedy on Friday nights. ---->>>

I have no patience at all. ---->>>

I like to be a very fair person. ---->>>

I never experienced any feelings of closeness and caring from my parents. ---->>>

I'm a commercial person, not an academic. ---->>>

In America, everybody thinks they're an entrepreneur. That's the problem. It's not a title that anybody should call oneself. ---->>>

It will take a brave person to cull the benefits system and analyse who deserves and who doesn't. ---->>>

There's too much of a culture that exists out there, what I call an expectancy culture, of things being provided. ---->>>

Well, it's not hard to be number one entertaining Jew. Some of them are quite bleeding bloody miserable, really. ---->>>

Look, I'm a member of the House of Lords and I'm the first to admit that I don't understand how one gets new laws through. ---->>>

Money is all right but once you have it you learn it's not the be all and end all. ---->>>

The only people whose opinions I worry about are my wife, my children, and my employees. ---->>>

I like things in their proper places. ---->>>

I like to keep fit. ---->>>

I'm not that hands-on as a grandfather. ---->>>

Nobody can honestly say that they never lie. ---->>>

When I was a kid, a policeman was someone you looked up to and respected. ---->>>

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Alan Sugar profile (alan-sugar.jpg)
Nationality: English
Born: 03-24, 1947
Birthplace: Hackney, East London, England
Occupation: Businessman