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A computer would deserve to be called intelligent if it could deceive a human into believing that it was human. ---->>>

Science is a differential equation. Religion is a boundary condition.

Science is a differential equation. Religion is a boundary condition.

We can only see a short distance ahead, but we can see plenty there that needs to be done. ---->>>

We are not interested in the fact that the brain has the consistency of cold porridge. ---->>>

No, I'm not interested in developing a powerful brain. All I'm after is just a mediocre brain, something like the President of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company. ---->>>

Mathematical reasoning may be regarded rather schematically as the exercise of a combination of two facilities, which we may call intuition and ingenuity. ---->>>

I believe that at the end of the century the use of words and general educated opinion will have altered so much that one will be able to speak of machines thinking without expecting to be contradicted. ---->>>

Machines take me by surprise with great frequency. ---->>>


Nationality: English
Born: 06-23, 1912
Die: 06-07, 1954
Occupation: Mathematician

Alan Mathison Turing OBE FRS (; 23 June 1912 – 7 June 1954) was an English computer scientist, mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, philosopher and theoretical biologist. He was highly influential in the development of theoretical computer science, providing a formalisation of the concepts of algorithm and computation with the Turing machine, which can be considered a model of a general purpose computer (wikipedia)