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Money is not everything. My ambition was football itself, not the money I'd make from it. If that brings me and my family a more comfortable lifestyle, then that's fine. But I don't spend my time between games and training sessions thinking about figures. ---->>>

Luckily, thanks to the way my parents taught me, I think I can handle the fame in the right manner. ---->>>

As far as our fans are concerned, I'm the only one who counts; along with my teammates, obviously. ---->>>

Italy have plenty of high-quality players. Newcomers need time to get adjusted to the set-up and the system of play. I'm very young, and although I think I have shown good quality in my international games, I realise that there are plenty of others competing for places. ---->>>

I'm the leading scorer in the cup, and that's lovely, but don't forget this is also a great moment for the whole squad, when the two things coincide you can't ask for more. ---->>>

I even scored Monaco's goal too. Please, put it down as an own goal for me! ---->>>


Nationality: Italian
Born: 11-09, 1974
Occupation: Athlete

Alessandro "Alex" Del Piero (Italian pronunciation: [alesˈsandro del ˈpjɛːro]) Ufficiale OMRI (born 9 November 1974) is an Italian former professional footballer who mainly played as a deep-lying forward, although he was capable of playing in several offensive positions. In 2015, he worked as a pundit for Sky Sport Italia (wikipedia)