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'Terra Nova,' more than anything I've ever done in my life, is for everybody. ---->>>

'Game of Thrones' is the broadest of narratives. I don't know if anyone in the U.S. has done a story on such a large scale before, both in terms of what George R.R. Martin wrote and what's on the show. ---->>>

'Proof' is a really cool pilot that I was lucky enough to read by Rob Braggin for TNT that's about a surgeon who's an agnostic, tough, grounded, scientific mind and she's hired by a Steve Jobs-type who's just been diagnosed with cancer to focus on near death experiences and what happens when you die. ---->>>

There's always the pressure on the director of how to transition from one scene to another, especially when it can really be oblique on 'Game of Thrones.' ---->>>

You pull anyone from an alien planet down to Earth, and you want to show them great work, show them Tywin Lannister on 'Game of Thrones.' I mean, it's just as good as it gets. ---->>>

It's funny because 'West Wing' is similar to 'Game of Thrones' in some ways, as it was very hard to pull off back then. ---->>>

For someone making a pilot, assuming the talent is there and you can maneuver the system properly, it's just a matter of standing your ground and trying to make something great until you are making enough money for the studio that they let you keep making it. ---->>>

Death is either an incredible ending to a story or, more often than not if you ask the right questions, it's the beginning of a story. ---->>>

Especially as a director on 'West Wing,' I directed a lot of different things in a lot of different ways and really stretched my wings. ---->>>

For 'Game of Thrones,' I realized immediately that it was about the characters. ---->>>

'Game of Thrones' is shot on a very similar kind of schedule to a TV show, but there's a lot more time and focus put into the script. ---->>>

I never seem to get past - I feel like a stupid guy from the Midwest. ---->>>

I would do anything I could to try to make sure that Lena Headey wins an Emmy. ---->>>

I was really, really stagnating and getting bored in the steady work of television and didn't really know what movies I would be making that Hollywood would be making, and then I went on to 'Game of Thrones,' and it was just like, everything I've been waiting to do was handed to me by really nice people. ---->>>

I was, and am, a frustrated filmmaker and film student, and my passion and love for movies was so broad that, in the earlier part of my career, I stumbled into doing 'Sports Night' and was a comedy director. ---->>>

It's very unusual on 'Game of Thrones' for there to be a deleted scene because the scripts are pretty locked in. There's rarely a reason to say, 'Hey, we don't need this scene.' ---->>>

Most TV shows are writing the next episode while you're directing the one you're doing, and they're trying to figure out what they're going to do, and they're putting it all together. ---->>>

My experience on 'The West Wing' was, I think, now rare in that I was pretty young, and I walked into this environment where Aaron Sorkin was giving me a script every week, and Thomas Schlamme and John Wells were keeping the studio off my back, at least as best as they could. ---->>>

No director directs 'Game of Thrones' without reading all the episodes and knowing what's going on. All the episodes are written in advance, so you can do that, which is an important point. ---->>>

The hardest part of 'Game of Thrones' is there is so much incredible talent bouncing off the walls that you'll actually miss some of them, and not getting it is very intimidating. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 06-11, 1968
Birthplace: Kansas City, Missouri
Occupation: Director

Alexander John "Alex" Graves (born July 23, 1965) is an American film director, television director, television producer and screenwriter.(wikipedia)