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We do not even see the sun for several months in the north of Sweden. ---->>>

We have three daughters, our own. And, of course, there's nothing more frightening than something bad happening to them. And also, the thought of our children turning bad in some ways is another frightening thought. ---->>>

I think one thing with Sweden is that in some way the Swedish society is a very good society, almost perfect on the surface. That is something that makes the writers forced to see what is underneath the surface, because it's always something underneath the surface, of course. ---->>>

Writing a book is not a crime. ---->>>


Alexander Ahndoril profile (alexander-ahndoril.JPG)
Nationality: Swedish
Born: 01-20, 1967
Birthplace: Stockholm, Sweden
Occupation: Novelist

Alexander Ahndoril (born 20 January 1967 in Stockholm) is a Swedish novelist and playwright. His best-selling novel, Regissören, about the film maker Ingmar Bergman, was published in English translation as The Director in 2008 and in Italian translation as Il regista in 2011 (Cagliari: Aìsara [1]) (wikipedia)