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Singing is a form of admitting that I'm alive.

Singing is a form of admitting that I'm alive.

You have to make a choice when you start to sing and decide whether you want to service the music, and be at the top of your art, or if you want to be a very popular tenor. ---->>>

I don't have the will for singing but I must do it. ---->>>


Nationality: Spanish
Born: 11-24, 1927
Die: 09-10, 1999
Occupation: Musician

Alfredo Kraus Trujillo (Spanish pronunciation: [alˈfɾeðo kɾaus tɾuˈxiʎo]; 24 November 1927 – 10 September 1999) was a distinguished Spanish tenor from the Canary islands (known professionally as Alfredo Kraus), particularly known for the artistry he brought to opera's bel canto roles. He was also considered an outstanding interpreter of the title role in Massenet's opera Werther, and especially of its famous aria, "Pourquoi me réveiller?"wikipedia)