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People's minds are overloaded with information.

People's minds are overloaded with information.

I never get recognised. ---->>>

I remember running up to my dad and saying, 'I want to be an actor when I grow up!' And him saying, 'Yeah, well we'll talk about it.' ---->>>

I'm actually just an actor. ---->>>

Maggie Smith is an amazing woman, and not as serious in real life. ---->>>


Nationality: Irish
Born: 05-18, 1981
Birthplace: Killiney, County Dublin, Ireland
Occupation: Actor

Alan "Allen" Leech (born 18 May 1981) is an Irish actor best known for his role as Tom Branson on the historical drama series Downton Abbey. He made his professional acting debut with a small part in a 1998 production of A Streetcar Named Desire, made his first major film appearance as Vincent Cusack in Cowboys & Angels, and earned an Irish Film & Television Awards nomination in 2004 with his performance as Mo Chara in Man About Dog (wikipedia)