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Maybe! Maybe! Maybe if your aunt had a beard, she'd be your uncle. ---->>>

When you're dealing with monkeys, you've got to expect some wrenches. ---->>>

That's what the cat said to the canary when he swallowed him - 'You'll be all right.' ---->>>

So, my sweetheart back home writes to me and wants to know what this gal in Bombay's got that she hasn't got. So I just write back to her and says, Nothin', honey. Only she's got it here. ---->>>


Born: 06-04, 1904
Die: 1985-07-21
Occupation: Novelist

Alvah Cecil Bessie (June 4, 1904 – July 21, 1985) was an American novelist, journalist and screenwriter who was imprisoned for ten months and blacklisted by the movie studio bosses for being one of the group known as the Hollywood Ten.(wikipedia)