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Movies are as old as psychoanalysis. So if I were to put you or anyone else on a couch and say, 'Tell me your favorite movies,' it would be a way of psychoanalyzing you. ---->>>

I was a solipsist and a narcissist and much too arrogant. I have a lot more compassion now, but it took a long time. ---->>>

I've always said to people that auteurism is nice, but it's hypothetical, and gradually you learn how much or how little influence different directors had. ---->>>

I never argue with people about movies. ---->>>

There's a part of me that looks beyond everything now. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 10-31, 1928
Die: 06-20, 2012
Occupation: Critic

Andrew Sarris (October 31, 1928 – June 20, 2012) was an American film critic, a leading proponent of the auteur theory of film criticism.(wikipedia)