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Critical in this process of wisdom being passed down is that you also need to take it in; you need to listen to it. ---->>>

Listening and being curious and wide-eyed in the world, I think, is what allows us to move forward, progress, evolve and learn and alter our behavior and become more self-aware. I think that listening is kind of what it's all about. ---->>>

I like photography as a recording device. It's the best possible two-dimensional representation of 3D living things that we have. ---->>>

I am a big book collector. I love books. ---->>>

The work that I feel is most authentically mine is the one that is my first reaction, the first thing that feels like the truth. In aggregate, those choices, those series of decisions, create your point of view, your visual language. ---->>>

When I do a project, I like the idea that someone is going to experience the book, someone is going to experience the film, someone else is going to experience a framed photo on a wall, but they are all going to get to the same root thing as long as all of those mediums are exploring it from the same place. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 06-21, 1977
Occupation: Director

Andrew Zuckerman (born 1977) is an American filmmaker and photographer. He is best known for creating hyper-real images set against stark white backgrounds. His subjects have included birds, endangered species of animals, politicians, humanitarians, artists, and entertainers. Zuckerman received his BFA from the School of Visual Arts in 1999 (wikipedia)