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What is important is the victory of the people, not of a candidate. We must unite for the good of Madagascar's people, and we are going to succeed. ---->>>

The Malagasy people must have the liberty to choose their own future. ---->>>

I cannot accept a divide between Malagasy people and a civil war. ---->>>


Andry Rajoelina profile (andry-rajoelina.png)
Nationality: Malagasy
Born: 1974-05-30
Occupation: Statesman

Andry Nirina Rajoelina (Malagasy: [ˈjanɖʐʲ nʲˈrinə radzoˈel]) (born 30 May 1974) was the President of the High Transitional Authority of Madagascar. He became president on 21 March 2009 during a political crisis, having held the office of Mayor of Antananarivo for one year prior, and stepped down on 25 January 2014 following internationally recognized general elections held in 2013 (wikipedia)