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I can read and write. I went to school for six years. I just couldn't continue. ---->>>

I was very lucky because hanging out at a golf course was much better than being on the streets. Golf taught me a great deal. I grew up surrounded by people who were professionals - lawyers, doctors, engineers. Around them, I learned how to behave, speak, eat, dress. I had nothing at home. The club was my home. ---->>>

In golf, advice is not a big thing. If you don't have the ability, you won't get anywhere no matter how much advice you get. The only thing people can suggest that matters is, be a good person and treat people respectfully. But advice on your game doesn't mean much to me. ---->>>

When I'm on the road traveling, the things I miss most are my two children and barbecuing with friends. Rack of ribs, lamb and veal are my specialties. ---->>>

I try to show that I have no fear. When you grow up hungry, you're not afraid of anything. ---->>>

With sacrifice and work, anything can be done. ---->>>

You should welcome getting older in golf. With greater knowledge of your swing, you, too, can keep improving. ---->>>

Golf gives and takes. So yeah, sometimes you make those putts, sometimes you just miss them. But that's golf. ---->>>

I grab coins and tees in my travels, but I usually mark my ball with a coin from Argentina, either a peso or a 10-centavo piece. ---->>>

I had to work to eat. I couldn't even complete a basic elementary education. ---->>>

I won the 2007 U.S. Open and 2009 Masters in my late 30s, largely because of my confident driving. ---->>>

I've only seen a handful of short clips of my U.S. Open win. I remember how I did it; I don't need to watch a video. ---->>>

Just because I won the U.S. Open doesn't mean I'm going to change the way I live. ---->>>

I didn't become a caddie because I wanted to be a caddie. I was a caddie because that was how I could make money and feed myself. It was work. It was a dignified job. ---->>>

I tried talking to a psychologist once. Two minutes in, I said, 'Ciao!' Never again. There's no way, no way, I'd continue! I couldn't buy into a single thing the guy was saying. ---->>>


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Nationality: Argentinian
Born: 09-12, 1969
Occupation: Athlete