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I choose to fill my days with what I'm passionate about, and live with purpose. ---->>>

Beauty doesn't matter because in the end, we all lose our looks and all we have is our heart. ---->>>

In the end, I want to be able to say, 'My life was what I made it.' ---->>>

I think eventually I want to become a teacher, like my father wanted to be, and hopefully positively influence the next generation. ---->>>

My father used to say, 'Well, Ann, maybe the best thing you'll ever do, you haven't even thought of yet.' ---->>>

When people say negative things or speculate, you can't help but feel hurt. ---->>>

I have called the co-host job at the 'Today Show' my dream job, and I would be lying if I said it was easy to leave that job. ---->>>

I know NBC pays my salary but I have never doubted who I work for. I think about the people who watch. They're the ones who matter to me. ---->>>

I try to do stories that make a difference - stories that affect the way people think, stories that people need to hear - and usually what drives me is to do stories about people who have no voice, people who have no political power, people who are overlooked by society. ---->>>

Women have demanded and gotten better jobs and more power. But the one thing we deserve is a better relationship with ourselves. ---->>>

I don't always understand my worth. ---->>>

When you treat yourself right, you run better and more efficiently. Which means you don't have to go 100 miles an hour to get everything done. ---->>>

People close to me called me 'Curry in a Hurry.' I was moving through life at 100 miles an hour trying to further my career and be a great mom and make everyone happy. ---->>>


Name: Ann Curry
Nationality: American
Born: 11-19, 1956
Birthplace: Guam, U.S.
Occupation: Journalist

Ann Curry (born November 19, 1956) is an American television personality, news journalist and photojournalist. Curry has been a reporter for more than 30 years, focused on human suffering in war zones and natural disasters. Curry has reported from the wars in Syria, Palestine, Darfur, Congo, the Central African Republic, Kosovo, Lebanon, Israel, Afghanistan and Iraq, among others (wikipedia)