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In morals what begins in fear usually ends in wickedness; in religion what begins in fear usually ends in fanaticism. Fear, either as a principle or a motive, is the beginning of all evil. ---->>>

All my experience of the world teaches me that in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred, the safe and just side of a question is the generous and merciful side. ---->>>

The only competition worthy a wise man is with himself. ---->>>

What we truly and earnestly aspire to be, that in some sense we are. The mere aspiration, by changing the frame of the mind, for the moment realizes itself. ---->>>

What we earnestly aspire to be, that in some sense we are. ---->>>

A man may be as much a fool from the want of sensibility as the want of sense. ---->>>

Accuracy of language is one of the bulwarks of truth. ---->>>

Childhood sometimes does pay a second visit to man, youth never. ---->>>

Conversation may be compared to a lyre with seven chords - philosophy, art, poetry, love, scandal, and the weather. ---->>>

We can sometimes love what we do not understand, but it is impossible completely to understand what we do not love. ---->>>


Anna Jameson profile (anna-jameson.jpg)
Nationality: British
Born: May 17, 1794
Die: March 17, 1860
Occupation: Writer

Anna Brownell Jameson (17 May 1794 – 17 March 1860) was an Irish writer.(wikipedia)