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Everybody in America is angry about something.

Everybody in America is angry about something.

So, yes, I am in the underground, but actually, it feels like home. ---->>>

I had never thought that I would be involved in narrative structures. As a young guy, I was more interested in abstract modeling. But as I got older, I began to see that there was no reason to limit myself to any intellectual or conceptual postulate, when in fact I'm a professional student of music. ---->>>

I am interested in the study of music and the discipline of music and the experience of music and music as a esoteric mechanism to continue my real intentions. ---->>>

I would find myself backing away from all of the 'isms', all of the communities. I have always been able to be misused by every community But that is OK. I would rather be misused than neglected. ---->>>

I thank the Creator of the universe to have discovered the discipline of music was the greatest gift that I could have been given, the possibility to be a student working in the world. ---->>>

I am viewed as the Negro who has gone outside of the categories assigned to me. ---->>>

I'm seeking to have an art that is engaged as a way for saying, 'Hurray for unity.' ---->>>

My work has been marginalized as far as the jazz-business complex is concerned, or the contemporary-music complex. ---->>>

The word music is a convenient way to talk about what I'm interested in, but actually, in some ways, it's a limitation. ---->>>

Growing up in the '50s and being in the '60s, in that revolutionary time space, I thought freedom was what I was looking for. Slowly but surely, it became clear that the last thing I was interested in was freedom. Because if you're going to be free, you have to be free from something. ---->>>

Most African Americans, especially the men and women from my generation, would accept the nationalist gambit that says only European Americans can be racists, which is an interesting gambit. ---->>>

I have learned through time that not everyone is interested in the kinds of things that fascinate me. ---->>>


Born: 06-04, 1945
Occupation: Musician