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A man has always to be busy with his thoughts if anything is to be accomplished. ---->>>

Whenever I found out anything remarkable, I have thought it my duty to put down my discovery on paper, so that all ingenious people might be informed thereof. ---->>>


Nationality: Dutch
Born: 06-21, 2015
Die: 06-21, 2015
Occupation: Scientist

Antonie Philips van Leeuwenhoek (, Dutch: [ɑnˈtoːni vɑn ˈleːuə(n)ˌɦuk]; 24 October 1632 – 26 August 1723) was a Dutch businessman, scientist, and one of the notable representatives of the Golden Age of Dutch science and technology. A largely self-taught man in science, he is commonly known as "the Father of Microbiology", and often considered to be the first acknowledged microscopist and microbiologist (wikipedia)