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Liberty means responsibility. That's why most men dread it. ---->>>

I made a habit always to hear the Indians; and although they very often lie to me, I do not show them any displeasure for it, for I do not believe them and I do not decide anything until I have found out the truth. ---->>>


Antonio de Mendoza profile (antonio-de-mendoza.jpg)
Nationality: Spanish
Born: 1495
Die: 06-21, 2015
Occupation: Statesman

Antonio de Mendoza y Pacheco (Spanish: Antonio de Mendoza) (1495 – July 21, 1552) was the first Viceroy of New Spain, serving from April 17, 1535 to November 25, 1550, and the third Viceroy of Peru, from September 23, 1551, until his death on July 21, 1552. Mendoza was born at Alcalá la Real (Jaén, Spain), the son of the Second Conde de Tendilla, Íñigo López de Mendoza y Quiñones and Francisca Pacheco (wikipedia)