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As I got older, I got closer to my faith and I got closer to Jesus, reading the Bible and living my life under God.

As I got older, I got closer to my faith and I got closer to Jesus, reading the Bible and living my life under God.

I always believed in Jesus and God as a little boy. ---->>>

I care about looking into someone's eyes and finding out who they are. ---->>>

I consider myself a Christian - a true believer in Jesus Christ - that He died for our sins. ---->>>

I don't consider myself any denomination. ---->>>

I like music that just gives you goose bumps. ---->>>

I'm a Laker fan, always have been. And the New York Yankees, for sure. ---->>>

I've always worked on my own home and different places that I've owned. I really enjoyed it. But I'm a mechanic, a motorcycle and car builder. ---->>>

I've been driving race cars professionally for a while: 200 mph types of things. ---->>>

Skydiving - I love to do that. ---->>>

When I tell people I'm an Italian Jew, they're very amused by it. But obviously by blood I'm Jewish, because my mother is. ---->>>

I have great fans that come up to me, and they just want me to sign stuff. I have a restaurant in Beverly Hills - Prego - and they come in all the time asking for me to see when I'm going to show up. That doesn't really scare me. ---->>>

I try to be a good person every day. If you didn't like me, there would be something wrong with you, because I really go out and work as hard as I can to help people. I put myself last - always. I'm a giver all the way. ---->>>

Jewish people are tough people. They believe in something and believe it really strong, and I find it fascinating that a small country like Israel is as powerful as it is. ---->>>


Antonio Sabato, Jr. profile (antonio-sabato-jr.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: 02-29, 1972
Birthplace: Rome, Italy
Occupation: Actor

Antonio Sabàto Jr. (born February 29, 1972) is an Italian-born American actor and model. Born in Italy and raised in the United States, Sabàto first became known as a Calvin Klein model and for his role on the soap opera General Hospital. He has continued appearing in films and television series throughout the 1990s and 2000s, and has appeared and competed in a number of reality television shows, including My Antonio in 2009, in which various women competed to become his girlfriend (wikipedia)