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A man is free to go up as high as he can reach up to; but I, with all my style and pep, can't get a man my equal because a girl is always judged by her mother. ---->>>

Poverty was an ornament on a learned man like a red ribbon on a white horse. ---->>>

The trouble with us is that the ghetto of the Middle Ages and the children of the twentieth century have to live under one roof. ---->>>


Nationality: Polish
Born: 1880
Die: 06-21, 1970
Occupation: Novelist

Anzia Yezierska (1885–1970) was a Jewish-American novelist born in Mały Płock, Poland, which was then part of the Russian Empire. She emigrated as a child with her parents to the United States, and lived in the immigrant neighborhood of the Lower East Side of Manhattan.(wikipedia)