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I think Yandex is something in between two different cultures. One originated from the old Soviet culture of the scientific institute. It was a free atmosphere of scientists, maybe too free because nobody cared about making money. Another origin is something close to what you usually see in California startups. ---->>>

Russia has to have a technology company of global meaning sooner or later. We should take the depth of technical culture we have here and make it available worldwide. ---->>>

We never set up Yandex to imitate what others were doing. We've been in the business longer than other search engines and have created many original products. ---->>>

When you travel around Moscow, you can see almost every car is using a smartphone where they can see what's ahead of them. ---->>>

Yandex originated from a company called Arkadia, which created two search programs under the DOS operating system in 1990. ---->>>

Any good business is a hobby. We have an integrated company culture, and I can honestly say that many people who come here to work make Yandex a central part of their lives. ---->>>


Nationality: Russian
Born: 02-11, 1964
Birthplace: Atyrau, Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, Soviet Union
Occupation: Businessman

Arkady Yurievich Volozh (born 11 February 1964, Atyrau, Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic) is the principal founder of Russian search engine Yandex. He has been the company's CEO and a director since 2000. Arkady founded Yandex in 1997. In 2000, he left his position as CEO of CompTek International to become the CEO of Yandex (wikipedia)