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The highest political buzz word is not liberty, equality, fraternity or solidarity; it is service. ---->>>

If hopes were dupes, fears may be liars. ---->>>

A world where nothing is had for nothing. ---->>>

Whither depart the souls of the brave that die in the battle, Die in the lost, lost fight, for the cause that perishes with them? ---->>>

And almost every one, when age, Disease, or sorrows strike him, Inclines to think there is a God, Or something very like him. ---->>>

Grace is given of god, but knowledge is bought in the market. ---->>>

Well, I know, after all, it is only juxtaposition, Juxtaposition, in short; and what is juxtaposition? ---->>>


Nationality: English
Born: January 1, 1819
Die: November 13, 1861
Occupation: Poet

Arthur Hugh Clough ( KLUF; 1 January 1819 – 13 November 1861) was an English poet, an educationalist, and the devoted assistant to Florence Nightingale. He was the brother of suffragist Anne Clough, who became principal of Newnham College, Cambridge.(wikipedia)