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For the most part this is a place to find down-to-earth advice on everyday cooking, eating, food shopping, cooking equipment, and nice things to put on your table. ---->>>

I don't like to use 'gourmet' because it has become so overused and abused. ---->>>

I jokingly refer to the word 'gourmet' as the 'g' word. ---->>>

I'm a real food know-it-all. ---->>>

What I love about Brooklyn is there are more wonderful little joints than anywhere. ---->>>


Arthur Schwartz profile (arthur-schwartz.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: November 25, 1900
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York City
Die: 09-03, 1984
Occupation: Composer

Arthur Schwartz (November 25, 1900 – September 3, 1984) was an American composer and film producer.(wikipedia)