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The northern part of Sweden is considered more isolated, not so sociable, not so educated, more unemployment, very working-class, and people drink more than rest of Sweden; that's the kind of area I'm from. ---->>>

It is so much hard work writing your first novel. You're not even sure that it is possible to do. ---->>>

The feeling of being an underdog, not belonging, is very much me. You harbour a little feeling of resentment towards the 'upper dog'. ---->>>

I was a big reader as a child. My father is a great book lover and a librarian, but he forbid me to read bad literature. I was not allowed to read Nancy Drew or books like that. I often say to him that me becoming a crime author is both a way of pleasing him and annoying him. ---->>>

I don't think there is anything wrong with learning from people who are better than you. ---->>>

Because you're a crime writer you're asked to have a point of view on a lot of things, and I'm uncomfortable having public opinions on things that are not my professional area. ---->>>


Nationality: Swedish
Born: 06-28, 1966
Occupation: Writer

├ůsa Larsson (born 28 June 1966) is a Swedish crime-writer. Although born in Uppsala, she was raised in Kiruna in the far north. Prior to becoming a full-time writer, Larsson was a tax lawyer, a profession she shares with the heroine of her novels, Rebecka Martinsson. Her first Rebecka Martinsson novel, Solstorm, was awarded the Swedish Crime Writers' Association prize for best first novel (wikipedia)