Famous Birthdays on 13, January

Famous was born on 13, January, let's happy birthday to Trace Adkins, Traci Bingham, Orlando Bloom, Keith Coogan, Wayne Coyne, Patrick Dempsey, Maria de Villota, Nicole Eggert, Liam Hemsworth, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Steve Marriott, Penelope Ann Miller, Beau Mirchoff, Rod Parsley, Michael Pena, Trevor Rabin, Charles Nelson Reilly, Robert Stack, Rip Taylor, Jill Wagner, Ruth Wilson, Ellen Wong, Philip Warren Anderson, Eric Betzig, Michael Bond, Matthew Bourne, Sydney Brenner, Geoffrey Canada, Nick Clooney, Carolyn Gold Heilbrun, William Hung, Stan Jones, Robert Martin, Thomas Massie, Jay McInerney, Lorrie Moore, Julian Morris, Denise Morrison, Dick Mountjoy, Walid Muallem, George Reisman, Shonda Rhimes, Nate Silver, Gwen Verdon, Edmund White

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