Famous Birthdays on 22, January

Famous was born on 22, January, let's happy birthday to Steven Adler, Bill Bixby, Linda Blair, Raquel Cassidy, Sam Cooke, Olivia d'Abo, Katie Finneran, Willa Ford, Sami Gayle, Balthazar Getty, John Hurt, Michael Hutchence, DJ Jazzy Jeff, J. J. Johnson, Daniel Johnston, Graham Kerr, Piper Laurie, Gabriel Macht, Christopher Masterson, Malcolm Mclaren, Beverley Mitchell, Angel Olsen, Steve Perry, Ann Sothern, Eberhard Weber, Emanuel Azenberg, Birch Bayh, Melissa Bean, Steve Chabot, Michael Cristofer, Dixie Dean, Guy Fieri, Robert E. Howard, Jim Jarmusch, Alveda King, Irving Kristol, Hidetoshi Nakata, Anne Northup, Pete du Pont, Jim Saxton, Jeff Smith, U Thant, Joseph Wambaugh

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