Famous Birthdays on 13, February

Famous was born on 13, February, let's happy birthday to Matt Berninger, Andrew Bryniarski, Stockard Channing, Joyce DiDonato, Feist, Tennessee Ernie Ford, Peter Gabriel, Peter Hook, Kelly Hu, Carol Lynley, Neal McDonough, David Naughton, Kim Novak, Susan Oliver, Brina Palencia, Oliver Reed, Henry Rollins, George Segal, Jerry Springer, Donald Sumpter, Peter Tork, Robbie Williams, Patty Berg, Paul Biya, Richard Blumenthal, Theodore J. Forstmann, Stephen Hadley, Omar Torrijos Herrera, David Jeremiah, Mike Krzyzewski, Randy Moss, Jay Nixon, Elaine Pagels, Mark Pincus, Sigmar Polke, Simon Schama, Georges Simenon, William Sleator, R. C. Sproul, Mats Sundin, Rau'Shee Warren, Chuck Yeager

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