Famous Birthdays on 22, March

Famous was born on 22, March, let's happy birthday to George Benson, Bob Costas, Guillermo Diaz, Anne Dudek, Tiffany Dupont, Cole Hauser, Kidada Jones, Keegan-Michael Key, Werner Klemperer, Will Yun Lee, Karl Malden, Marcel Marceau, Ross Martin, Sonequa Martin-Green, Stephanie Mills, Matthew Modine, Lena Olin, John Otto, Francesco Quinn, Tania Raymonde, William Shatner, M. Emmet Walsh, Reese Witherspoon, James Wolk, Alan Bleasdale, Wolf Blitzer, Derek Bok, Els Borst, Des Browne, Deborah Bull, Billy Collins, Carlton Cuse, Diane Mott Davidson, Carrie Donovan, Tony Fadell, Paul Fussell, Orrin Hatch, Nicole Holofcener, Zalmay Khalilzad, Yayoi Kusama, Louis L'Amour, Cory Lidle, Agnes Martin, Tom McCall, Martha McSally, Allen Neuharth, Patricia Norris, Gene Oliver, James Patterson, Richard Pound, Burton Richter, Pat Robertson, Eric Roth, Gabrielle Roy, Rudy Rucker, Pete Sessions, Stephen Sondheim, Elvis Stojko, Andrew Lloyd Webber

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