Famous Birthdays on 01, June

Famous was born on 01, June, let's happy birthday to Rene Auberjonois, Pat Boone, Powers Boothe, Sarah Wayne Callies, Lizzy Caplan, Brandi Carlile, Brian Cox, Ronnie Dunn, Damien Fahey, Morgan Freeman, Adam Garcia, Andy Griffith, Taylor Handley, Danielle Harris, Tom Holland, Tom Irwin, Heidi Klum, Bob Monkhouse, Marilyn Monroe, Alanis Morissette, Teri Polo, Robert Powell, Jonathan Pryce, Melissa Sagemiller, Amy Schumer, Willow Shields, Nigel Short, Ron Wood, Ronnie Wood, Dan Bartlett, Tim Bishop, Paul Coffey, William Sloane Coffin, Norman Foster, Gregg Harper, Jeff Hawkins, Javier Hernandez, Toyo Ito, William Standish Knowles, Christopher Lasch, Walter Legge, Alan Lewis, Colleen McCullough, Johann Rupert, Gerald Scarfe, Tony Snow, Don Tapscott, Kip Thorne, Frank Whittle

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