Famous Birthdays on 10, September

Famous was born on 10, September, let's happy birthday to Roy Ayers, Kate Burton, James Duval, Siobhan Fahey, Colin Firth, Judy Geeson, Philip Baker Hall, Amy Irving, Clark Johnson, Chandler Massey, Pat Mastelotto, Ashley Monroe, Joe Perry, Ryan Phillippe, Johnathon Schaech, Harry Treadaway, Luke Treadaway, Jacob Young, Alison Bechdel, Marco Chiudinelli, Chris Columbus, Cyril Connolly, Dick Costolo, Jared Diamond, Stephen Jay Gould, Randy Johnson, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Anurag Kashyap, Randall Kennedy, Marian Keyes, Charles Kuralt, Karl Lagerfeld, Cynthia Lummis, Jack Ma, Thomas E. Mann, Roger Maris, Walter Martin, Bill O'Reilly, Mary Oliver, Arnold Palmer, Guy Ritchie, Amity Shlaes, Charles Simonyi, John Sununu, Jean Vanier, Neale Donald Walsch, Robert Wise, Albert Wynn

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