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'What if?' history is a tricky game, but there is no doubt that the senior planners of D-Day - including Eisenhower and the British general Bernard Montgomery - believed that the Double Cross operation had played a pivotal role in the victory. ---->>>

The broad outlines of the Double Cross deception have been known since 1972, when Sir John Masterman, the former chairman of the double agent committee, controversially published his account of the operation in defiance of official secrecy. ---->>>

'The Man Who Never Was,' by Ewen Montagu, remains the best book about wartime espionage written by an active participant - incomplete, and dry in parts, it nonetheless summons up the ingenuity and sheer eccentricity of those who played this strange and dangerous game. ---->>>

I love telling stories, and am almost entirely unable to keep a secret. ---->>>

I think I would have been a hopeless spy. I love telling stories and am almost entirely unable to keep a secret. ---->>>


Nationality: British
Born: 06-21, 1963
Occupation: Author

Benedict Richard Pierce Macintyre (born 25 December 1963) is a British author, historian, reviewer and columnist writing for The Times newspaper. His columns range from current affairs to historical controversies.(wikipedia)