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I don't know technology and engineering. I don't know accounting. ---->>>

The strength in our third-quarter financial results is cause for excitement. I'm particularly pleased that we continue to demonstrate impressive growth at the same time we are engaged in important merger discussions. ---->>>

I know I lost my temper, but I tried to be human along the way. ---->>>

I know what I don't know. To this day, I don't know technology, and I don't know finance or accounting.

I know what I don't know. To this day, I don't know technology, and I don't know finance or accounting.

The coach's job is to get the best players and get them to play together. ---->>>

I have some assets that over time will be worth something. I've been in the process of selling others. ---->>>

I was a pretty good coach and working with marketing was like coaching. ---->>>

We were a fast-growing company, and I was a demanding boss. ---->>>

I didn't have anything to apologize for. ---->>>

I expected results. ---->>>

Our communications services revenue growth is being driven by continued strong top-line performance in data, Internet and international - three of the fastest growing and most profitable areas within communications services. ---->>>

Our investments in data, Internet and international have been particularly timely and have positioned the company to post industry-leading incremental revenue gains. ---->>>

I guess the one question I will not get today is: When are you going to do anything about cellular? ---->>>

I put those people in place. I trusted them. I had no idea they would do anything like this. ---->>>

No one will find me to have knowingly committed fraud. ---->>>

We accelerated our capital spending in the fourth quarter, particularly in international and next-generation network deployment, which should not only sustain future revenue growth but also drive significant cost reductions across all communications services. ---->>>

We have the right assets for a fast-growing digital business. ---->>>

I used practically all the money I had available. ---->>>

I wasn't ever advised by Scott Sullivan of anything ever being wrong. ---->>>

We very much regret that our merger with Sprint was not allowed to proceed. ---->>>

I just want you to know you aren't going to church with a crook. ---->>>

I never thought anything like that would have gone on. ---->>>


Nationality: Canadian
Born: 08-27, 1941
Birthplace: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Occupation: Businessman

Bernard John "Bernie" Ebbers (born August 27, 1941) is a Canadian businessman. He co-founded the telecommunications company WorldCom and is a former chief executive officer of that company. In 2005, he was convicted of fraud and conspiracy as a result of WorldCom's false financial reporting. The WorldCom scandal was, until the Madoff schemes came to light in 2008, the largest accounting scandal in United States history (wikipedia)