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You get the feeling that many of my guests feel that the French language gives them entry into a more cultivated, more intelligent world, more highly civilised too, with rules. ---->>>

It is very difficult to generalise. Everyone's adventure is original. ---->>>

There is a pride in speaking this language. ---->>>

The more English is heard in the world, the more gratifying it seems to speak French, and above all to know the culture of our country. They find a kind of French social grace in the language and culture. ---->>>

They place great stress on the clarity of our language for expressing nuances and showing subtleties. ---->>>

All the English speakers, or almost all, have difficulties with the gender of words. ---->>>

I agreed on condition that we found a completely new concept that had nothing to do with the latest books. ---->>>

People who do not speak our language very well do complain of feeling rebuffed by French people, who can sometimes be impatient, or even intolerant. ---->>>

This programme would only really make sense and work properly if it was also broadcast on France's international television channel TV5. So I ended up with a double production, on France 2 and TV5. ---->>>

French is a language that makes those who speak it both calm and dynamic. ---->>>


Nationality: French
Born: 05-05, 1935
Birthplace: Lyon, France
Occupation: Journalist

Bernard Pivot, OC, CQ (French: [pivo]; born May 5, 1935) is a journalist, interviewer and host of French cultural television programmes. He is the chairman of the Académie Goncourt.(wikipedia)