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The integral part of being a star is having the will to win. All the champions have it. ---->>>

My parents always encouraged me and I had a good home life. We were always taught to respect things and other people. It's so different today, because children are just not taught the right way. ---->>>

You've got to stick at a thing, a particular thing, until you succeed. I feel that's the only way to succeed - by concentrating on something in particular. Once you know what you've got to do you will succeed, you will succeed. ---->>>

I always felt free when I ran. I suppose that's what was good about it. ---->>>

I realised from a very early age that God gave me a gift, and that gift was to run, and I wanted to use it to the best of my ability. ---->>>

My salvation was a free gift. I didn't have to work for it and it's better than any gold medal that I've ever won. ---->>>

No way did I ever think I was going to win the 100m. ---->>>

Everything I did that required effort, I opened my mouth. Even to catch a ball, I opened my mouth. ---->>>

My favourite event was the 200m, so as I won the 100m, I thought it was possible I'd win the 200m. ---->>>


Nationality: Australian
Born: 04-20, 1938
Birthplace: Merrylands, New South Wales, Australia
Occupation: Athlete

Elizabeth "Betty" Cuthbert AM, MBE (born 20 April 1938 in Merrylands, New South Wales) is an Australian athlete, and a fourfold Olympic champion. During her career, she set world records for 60 metres, 100 yards, 200 metres, 220 yards and 440 yards. She went to Ermington Public School which inspired and supported her to go in to the olympics (wikipedia)