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My dad just imprinted in my mind from a very young age that you always do what you say you're gonna do when you say you're gonna do it. ---->>>

In business, you try to solve problems. ---->>>

It is not really our country so much is the problem, it's sort of the parasitic relationship that Canada, and France, and other countries have towards us. ---->>>

I started working when I was 13, picking up trash, bagging ice. ---->>>

I want to see the economy rebound. ---->>>

I was embarrassed when I went and told my parents that I was thinking about running for public office. ---->>>

I find it very difficult to see a scenario where financial regulation doesn't pass the Senate. ---->>>

I saved $8,000 and created a construction company when I was 25. ---->>>

I think all of us who have been in Afghanistan on the ground multiple times know that what we're doing there on the ground is just not sustainable. ---->>>

If it took multiple debt ceiling hikes, I'd rather achieve the savings. ---->>>

Not every problem is solvable, okay. ---->>>

We need to make sure we have secure borders. ---->>>

I'm a lawmaker, but I really don't like laws. ---->>>

The debt ceiling at some point has to be raised. I don't think there's anybody that questions the fact that if we ended up getting in a situation where the U.S. government was sending out IOUs like the state of California did at one point, that ends up creating quite a brand problem for our country. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 08-24, 1952
Occupation: Politician

Robert Phillips Corker Jr. (born August 24, 1952) is an American politician and the junior United States Senator from Tennessee, serving since 2007. Corker, a member of the Republican Party, is currently the chairman of the United States Senate Committee on Foreign Relations in the 115th Congress. In 1978, Corker founded a successful construction company, which he sold in 1990 (wikipedia)