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My purpose in public address and in speech is really encapsulated in three C's: clear, concise, correct. No overblowing rhetoric or anything like that. As simple as possible: clear, concise, correct. ---->>>

I played baseball as a left-handed first baseman, though never as well as I did quarterbacking. ---->>>

I was born in Queens and spent many years there. After I got married, I moved to Kew Gardens, then moved to Baldwin, Long Island, where I still reside. ---->>>

Nobody, but nobody stays a public-address announcer for more than a couple of years. Truly. Public-address announcing is not a career. Public-address announcers only work 81 days a year, so you don't make a living. ---->>>


Bob Sheppard profile (bob-sheppard.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: 10-20, 1910
Die: 07-11, 2010
Occupation: Entertainer