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I don't lack confidence. I don't sweat. I don't want to get too Zen on you, but I have to run my own race. ---->>>

I learned no detail was too small. It was all about the details. ---->>>

I quickly realized I had to have my own style and strategy and find my own way. ---->>>

Any time there is a lot of money or ego involved, people tend to behave badly. ---->>>

I can only say that in life when you have the greatest expectations and you try to do things the right way, it doesn't always work out. ---->>>

I think the Emmy obviously is very prestigious and is the gold standard obviously in terms of television. But the Oscars go beyond that. I believe children, when they're growing up, dream of holding that Oscar. ---->>>

When you make content, you try things, and they don't always work. You learn from it and figure out what's next. ---->>>


Name: Brad Grey
Nationality: American
Born: 12-29, 1957
Birthplace: New York City, New York, U.S.
Die: 2017-05-14
Occupation: Businessman

Brad Alan Grey (December 29, 1957 – May 14, 2017) was an American television and film producer. He co-founded the Brillstein-Grey Entertainment agency, and afterwards became the chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures, a position he held from 2005 until 2017. Grey graduated from the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Management (wikipedia)