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I've always been insecure about my singing. That's why I've focused so much on my songwriting.

I've always been insecure about my singing. That's why I've focused so much on my songwriting.

My inspiration comes from God, so I always have to be open, kind of like being an antenna. I like to write songs people love. ---->>>

I follow my instincts. Maybe I'd be more successful in my business and my private life if I did things like everybody else. But I just feel like I'm different from everybody else. ---->>>

I go through cycles with my writing. I have cycles where I'm up all night and lose track of time, and then I go for months without a thing to write about. My song 'So Good, So Right' came to me while I was washing dishes after a dinner party. ---->>>

I learned early in my writing career that if I try to tailor a song for someone else, I'm usually off base. They're usually looking for something from you with your character. ---->>>

Being a background singer is one thing, but being on stage as the star is something else again. When you walk out there with all those people staring at you, it's like you're naked to the world. And I hate being criticized. ---->>>

It's pretty cool that artists like Flo Rida and Bingo Players can be inspired to interpret a song like 'Piano in the Dark' in completely new genres. As an artist and writer, it's the highest compliment we can be paid. ---->>>


Brenda Russell profile (brenda-russell.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: 04-08, 1949
Occupation: Musician

Brenda Russell (née Gordon; April 8, 1949, Brooklyn, New York ) is an American singer-songwriter and keyboardist. Known for her diverse musical style, her recordings have encompassed several genres, including pop, soul, dance, and jazz. Her hits included "Piano in the Dark" (1988) and "Get Here" (1991), which was a hit for Oleta Adams (wikipedia)