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We are surrounded every day by people who do thankless but important work. ---->>>

My worldview comes from a collection of the books I have read, the people I have met, and my conversations with my dad. ---->>>

What I care about is maximum information. ---->>>

From Clara Barton's tireless work founding the American Red Cross to the first female Medal of Honor winner, Dr. Mary Walker, to our first female combat fighter pilot Lt. Kara Hultgreen, no list of American heroes is complete without the names of some of these extraordinary women. ---->>>

I totally go against the theory that you got to win to be successful. It's how you handle your situation. ---->>>

Jon Stewart says that he was a little kid with a big head. He had very little athletic ability. He went out to the soccer field, and it was awful. ---->>>

Women are everywhere. We're letting them play golf and tennis now. It's out of control. ---->>>

Smart and savvy, the fearless female member of George Washington's Secret Six is a testament to the strong women who have helped to alter the course of history in this great nation, both in terms of large-scale battles and in the new opportunities they have helped create for future generations through their own fearless examples. ---->>>

John McEnroe is the most honest and real person I have ever interviewed. ---->>>

I can't get inside the head of a politician today. ---->>>

I do a lot of stuff with Wounded Warriors and the Armed Forces Foundation; if you want to get these guys to stop talking, start complimenting! ---->>>

I know the word 'sacrifice.' ---->>>

I'm not really deep enough to have enough to think about for fifteen minutes. ---->>>

Let the politicians debate equal pay and pursue the folly of a war on women in America. ---->>>

My belief is that sports in school is not an extracurricular activity. ---->>>

Not every Muslim is out to get us. ---->>>

Pope Francis might turn out to be one of the most popular figures in the world today. ---->>>

Regardless of who you are, what sport you chose, or how much success you achieved, playing the game is all about getting you ready for life. ---->>>

When I set out to research the story of the Culper Spy Ring, I had no idea where it would take me. ---->>>

Without Cooperstown, you don't have baseball: Baseball is history. ---->>>

You can say that Mitt Romney started with nothing! He didn't get an inheritance from his dad. ---->>>

Even though David Pottruck has gone to this unbelievable career where he is a billionaire, there is always a new hurdle. He never sits there saying, 'I'm the best.' ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 05-07, 1964
Occupation: Entertainer