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It's not any one person. It's not any one coach. It's the team. ---->>>

Put your head down and work as hard as you can because there is always someone better out there. ---->>>

Basically I say a few prayers before a game and let that direct me, not superstitions. ---->>>

Competition helps people figure it out. ---->>>

I enjoyed being involved in team sports and making close friendships. ---->>>

I want to be involved in soccer some way. ---->>>

Keep enjoying it, and if you do that, then you are going to get better. ---->>>

You prepare yourself by concentrating on what you have to do out on the field. ---->>>

My goals are for the U.S. team to get to the second round of the World Cup and to win a championship here in the U.S. with my club team the Columbus Crew. ---->>>

I grew up in a great family. ---->>>

I think competition is very important; it breeds many good things in a person. ---->>>

I've been playing since I was eight years old. ---->>>

It really came down to deciding between baseball and soccer. Soccer won out because I enjoyed it more. ---->>>


Brian McBride profile (brian-mcbride.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: 06-19, 1972
Occupation: Athlete

Brian Robert McBride (born June 19, 1972) is a retired American soccer player who played as a forward for the Columbus Crew, Fulham and the Chicago Fire and is the fifth highest all-time leading goalscorer for the United States national team. For much of his career he played in Europe, notably for Fulham in the English Premier League (wikipedia)