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I keep my old friends, and get older with them, but push young. It's good to be surrounded by kids, because they keep you young. ---->>>

The true test of a man's style is the haircut. There are some men who look good no matter how their hair is styled, whether it's trendy or not. A man can change his haircut many times, but to pull off any haircut, you have to be very chic. Like Brad Pitt. ---->>>

When in doubt, wear a suit. Look at male politicians: you see them in a suit, and they look fine. But if you see a picture of them on the weekend or on vacation, there's a good chance they look terrible and unstylish.

When in doubt, wear a suit. Look at male politicians: you see them in a suit, and they look fine. But if you see a picture of them on the weekend or on vacation, there's a good chance they look terrible and unstylish.

I'm so tired of this vision of fashion of a diva with a big ego, and you think of big dark glasses to be pretentious and keep far away from the people. ---->>>

Amidst globalisation, trends are becoming worldwide, so it's important to take a unique approach to what fashion has to offer. Be yourself in the middle of it all; fashion shouldn't be 'try hard.' ---->>>

When you give a lot of confidence in people and you don't get it back, you are a bit disappointed, but it's life. ---->>>

I'm still like a butterfly going from one job to another job. But it's quite lovely - I hope to keep this freedom, to have fun.

I'm still like a butterfly going from one job to another job. But it's quite lovely - I hope to keep this freedom, to have fun.

When you love fashion, there is no weekend. Everything just blends together. ---->>>

Makeup can help you capture a moment. ---->>>

I don't like intellectuals, or, at least, people who call themselves that way, because I am under the impression that there is always something condescending in their demeanour, and I don't like condescending people. ---->>>

We are very luck to be women, so even if we're wearing trousers, I always wear them with some lace underwear or a very feminine bra - I like that. ---->>>

'Grandmother' doesn't mean that you have gray hair and you retire and stay home cooking cakes for your grandchildren. ---->>>

I love black lingerie and white shoes, and I love knives. ---->>>

I'm not a Facebook girl. Even though there is a fake Facebook with my name, it's not me. I'm not on Twitter; it's not me. ---->>>

Pregnancy is something that I always love. It's about hope and the future and a new baby.

Pregnancy is something that I always love. It's about hope and the future and a new baby.

I think that ballet is very good for the body. It's very similar to yoga, because you have to hold a position. ---->>>

If you don't want to get bored with what you're doing, you have to change. ---->>>

It is good to be in front of the lens to appreciate more being behind the lens. ---->>>

When I left French 'Vogue,' New York welcomed me with a big, big hug. ---->>>

Fashion has a political role insofar as following it can give you the impression to belonging to a certain social group or a private club. ---->>>

I love ballet because you can see how beautiful the body is. ---->>>

I'm not a superhero - I'm a super worker! ---->>>

Most makeup campaigns are not in black and white. ---->>>

My name has become a brand - it could be make-up, clothing, perfume. ---->>>

Only buy clothes that you plan to keep forever. It's important to see trends for what they are: a game. ---->>>

Paris is mostly retired people - I love it, and it's a beautiful city, but it's quite slow. ---->>>

People think I only wear new clothes, that I'm very trendy, but I like classic things on me, to mix with a trendy pair of shoes. ---->>>

'Vogue' is a very specific world. You are 'Vogue,' or not 'Vogue.' ---->>>

What is chic is just to be perfect, like magical, no? ---->>>

When I don't know what to wear, I wear black lace. ---->>>

You can be covered and be very sexy. It's not what you show; it's what you have in mind, the way you cross your legs, the way you talk to people. ---->>>

You discover yourself through the research of your work.

You discover yourself through the research of your work.

Ballet is good, because it makes you stand up tall.

Ballet is good, because it makes you stand up tall.

Each morning I do my ballet class for one hour; after that, it means one hour less to get ready. ---->>>

Either you are a good Virgo or a crazy Virgo! The good Virgo side of me is educating and raising the children - being there for them. ---->>>

Fashion is a language, for sure, and it is a reflection of society. ---->>>

Fashion is supposed to be light and not try too hard. ---->>>

Fashion's about extravagance, and everyone needs a bit of that. ---->>>

I was never conscious that I was becoming an icon or I'm not an icon, because my family, my kids, my husband keep me down-to-earth. ---->>>

I'm always independent. No boss. ---->>>

If I could choose something besides fashion, I would love to be a ballerina. ---->>>

If I like a make-up artist's look, even if nobody knows about her, I use her. New people give me energy. ---->>>

My private life is a lot more ladylike and less sultry than the fashion photos I imagine. ---->>>

You can't put yourself into competition with a magazine like 'Vogue.' You have to create something new, something different. ---->>>

Maybe people have no idea how much work is behind a picture. It can seem very effortless, but there is a lot of work. It's exactly like doing ballet. It's hours and hours, but when you go onstage, it's just the pleasure of dancing. ---->>>

Bleaching eyebrows makes me crazy. ---->>>

I have good legs, so I prefer my skirt lengths and my high heels. It's like my uniform. ---->>>

I like to provoke. I'm very French. ---->>>

I love the free spirit in London. ---->>>

I think that something needs to be weird in order to have a real beauty. ---->>>

I was the muse of Tom Ford and Gucci for years, but that was a long time ago. ---->>>

In my 10 years, I never put a girl that was too skinny in French 'Vogue.' ---->>>

Sometimes pressure can be good, and it gives you a lot of energy to do something. ---->>>

The first Chanel jacket that I saw - that I knew was Chanel - was on TV. It was on Mrs. Kennedy - the pink one. ---->>>

Thinking differently is my strength. ---->>>

'Vogue' is a bigger name than my name. ---->>>

People might think I'm very hard, what with my black make-up, my hair over my eyes, etc. My innocence didn't always help me, but it did preserve something in me that maybe others don't have anymore. I'm inside my bubble, you could say, and thankfully so, because I don't think daily life is always great. It protects me. ---->>>

My father was very chic. My mum was always encouraging me. Some parents would say, 'Why don't you be a lawyer, a doctor, or something more important?' They never said that. ---->>>

I miss my parents. But still, my granddaughter, my daughter, my grandma, you know, so it's very important for me. You lost your parents, but a new baby comes. It's like the cycle of fashion. ---->>>

Look at someone like Steve Jobs. His look wasn't very special - black turtleneck and jeans - but he had style. He looked the same, and you knew it was him when you saw him. Plus, he was a very smart person, which is also very attractive. His style was simple, not distracting, and very strong. ---->>>

I mix talents and friendship, which is not very professional, but it's my way of thinking. So I love Azzedine Alaia, because I've known him for 30 years, and he's making my dresses most of the time. ---->>>

I think it's difficult to do fashion for men, because either you become very over-homosexual fashion or very boring fashion. You don't want a boy who looks 15 in a little pair of shorts with some strange art... But to see just a jacket and tie is boring. ---->>>

I'm not a business girl. I will never be a business girl, but I will say, for Anna Wintour, that I respect successful people; I like things that are success. ---->>>

In a way, I envy the freedom artists have. Artists can push themselves beyond their limits, in pursuit of their ideas and their vision, even if they are inhabited by demons that can also play tricks on them. ---->>>

It's true I always like to mix femininity and something a bit masculine. It's the reason I love skirts with high heels and tights, and no handbag because I love having my hands in my pockets. ---->>>

Karl Lagerfeld looks very tough because of the glasses, and he has all these rings and the leather gloves, and he's so smart. But he's a very nice person... when he comes into a room or studio, he is going to say hello to each person, and the same when he leaves. ---->>>

When I was young, no one got married. Now, all the young people, they want to get married, they want security. Now that my children's friends are getting married, I go to more weddings than I ever did when I was young. ---->>>

One time, a burglar came to my apartment, so we called the police. My son was here, so I think they left before they tried to steal something. So the police come to my apartment, and they say, 'Oh my God, did they steal everything?' I was like, 'No, it was like that!' ---->>>

The fashion industry certainly has its obscene sides. The cost of a coat can be obscene. So can the cost of a photo shoot if you're working with a really good photographer. ---->>>

When Tom Ford asked me to consult for Gucci, I had never consulted in my life. I didn't know what consulting was, and look, we made something amazing. ---->>>

Becoming a grandmother brought me back to the things I forgot to love. Nature. Playing. Seeing animals. A new way of looking. A rejuvenation. A cycle of life - things come back to you. The details. ---->>>

It's funny, everything is so much easier when you do it yourself. ---->>>

Enthusiasm is something so positive. ---->>>

I don't like Botox. It makes a very strange forehead. ---->>>

I hate people who over intellectualize. It bores me deeply. ---->>>

I made a big family when I was working at 'Vogue' for ten years, and I'm still friends with a lot of them. ---->>>

I think it's less common in France that a man at the age of 50 buys a Porsche and gets a young girlfriend. ---->>>

Like most Russians, I am very superstitious, and if I don't get married, I don't get divorced. ---->>>

Working for a magazine, you have a boss; you are not free. ---->>>

You lose attitude when you feel too comfortable, so I prefer to wear clothes that have a certain edge to them. ---->>>

As you get older, you see life is very short, so you have to appreciate more and more and to enjoy it. ---->>>

Dancing is the last sport with no sponsor. ---->>>

Do what you are not supposed to do, like wear white shoes all year round. ---->>>

Each morning, you dress to become a different woman. Fashion helps. ---->>>

Fashion is not about clothes, it is about a look. ---->>>

Fashion is very tough, and we shouldn't forget that before designers were money-makers, they were artists. ---->>>

Fashion isn't something you can buy; you need to have the sense of it, and most people don't. ---->>>

Fashion shows used to be more crazy. Now they've become a bit too serious. ---->>>

For me, fashion is not about reality. ---->>>

I am from the age of magazines, so the Internet is terrifying to me. But I am learning. ---->>>

I am Parisian. I don't love the French. ---->>>

I have a couture body. ---->>>

I have a lot to say about fashion - not just about fashion, but beauty, art. ---->>>

I love curvy women. Maybe because I'm not. I would love to be a Marilyn Monroe, but I'm very far away from that... So I love very curvy girls. ---->>>

I started wearing high heels when I first worked with Mario Testino. He is tall; I had to be at his height. And I have never stopped since then. ---->>>

I think beauty can be everywhere. ---->>>

I think it is good when something can stay interesting for a long time. It's not just a trend for one month. ---->>>

I think it's good to have surprises in fashion because we always see the same things. ---->>>

I'm a very spontaneous person, for the bad and the good. ---->>>

I'm not a nostalgic person: I never look back; I always forget. ---->>>

I'm not bad-looking, but I'm not a beauty, either. ---->>>

I'm not the girl next door. ---->>>

In Japan, you can learn how to make a bunch of flowers. This is an art. Tea ceremony, it's an art. ---->>>

In photo shoots, I rely on instinct. Which is not to say I don't bring ideas to a project or consider it beforehand. ---->>>

It is very wrong to sleep in your make-up, but when you wake up the next morning, I think it looks very good. ---->>>

Just because someone is holding a gun doesn't make an image controversial. It all depends on where you put the gun, who is holding it. ---->>>

London Fashion Week isn't the most organised, but I don't mind that. It's such an exciting place - it's small and cool. ---->>>

My hair and make-up secret is 'the messier the better.' ---->>>

People say I look like my father. My son is very much like him. ---->>>

Sometimes, when you go to airport and look at the people, you see the worst looks - but the worst looks can give you more ideas than the best looks. ---->>>

The most important thing is posture: when you get old, it's the way you walk, the way you stand, that shows it. ---->>>

There are so many magazines and so many editors out there that you have to be different. ---->>>

To me, makeup is fashion and vice versa. What I dress and what I wear always needs to work with my makeup, which is usually the same anyway. ---->>>

You know it's very important, the role of a mother... I don't know, but it's feminism to me to love your kids. ---->>>

I don't have a big appetite. I don't eat a lot, to be honest - never. I'm a bit like a little bird, picking all day long, but I'm not getting pasta or getting all those things, you know? ---->>>

If you are a reader of 'Harper's Bazaar,' to me, you are a woman who loves fashion, but not just fashion; you love fashion, you love travel, you love art, you love music. ---->>>

I am very surprised by someone like Alexander Wang. I am amazed how he is good with fashion, with business, with public relations himself, with an attitude in his clothes that is spoken immediately. ---->>>

I think that each woman, whatever age, needs to recognize something good in her body. Someone has beautiful legs, someone has beautiful hair, someone else has beautiful decolletage or a beautiful waist or beautiful hands. Everyone has something great. ---->>>

The hair and makeup is very important in a fashion picture. When I create a look for a girl, it starts with the makeup. Sometimes it takes an entire day to find the look. ---->>>

I am not a celebrity. I work with celebrities, and it is very difficult. When a celebrity wears a dress, it's good for business, so brands fight for the red carpet. Me? I don't like it, because fashion becomes a job about dressing celebrities. And it's a bit boring. ---->>>

I discovered the slip dress, which I think is one of the more French things because when you take off your clothes, even when to go into a shop to buy something, or you're going to Riccardo Tisci to try on a suit, it's like having protection. ---->>>

I hate mules. I hate the noise when someone walks with mules. Clomp, clomp, clomp. I think it's very not chic. I don't even like a flip-flop. I don't like this noise. ---->>>

I started as a writer for magazines, and soon they asked me to illustrate my stories. I started from the bottom of the bottom. And I climbed the stairs, one by one. ---->>>

Monsieur Saint Laurent was pathologically shy, and he made the Saint Laurent woman in his own image. Like her, I am shy. And to protect myself, I adopted something of an androgynous look, just as his women did. ---->>>

The reason I call my book 'Irreverent' is because there were a lot of pictures that were very irreverent. Maybe I could call my book 'Forgiving' because maybe I made a lot of errors, too. ---->>>

We have the sort of beautiful older woman here in Paris. People like Loulou de la Falaise and Betty Catroux, all these beautiful looking women over 60... So there is culture here in France that even if you are older, you can stay beautiful. ---->>>

When you get older, you have to stay a bit rock n' roll so that young people will still be interested in you. The way you move, the way you talk, maybe the way you have your hair in your face a little bit - this keeps you interesting. ---->>>

When you have the baby, there is no BlackBerry, no computer; you just have the baby on your stomach, and your heart is beating the same time as the baby's. It's very nice. ---->>>

When you're getting old, obviously you try to put on the best cream, you have massages, you try to stay beautiful, but I think wrinkles can sometimes be more beautiful than having none. ---->>>

Fashion is one big family. ---->>>

When you have a magazine like 'Vogue,' you know a lot of kids are going to follow your pictures. ---->>>

Sometimes you think you aren't a good mama; you always feel a bit guilty when you're a mom. You want to be everywhere. ---->>>

The Russians are extreme people: they are generous but crazy at the same time. They always have something to say, and I really like that. ---->>>

The Russians are very much more up and down than the French. ---->>>

There are too many 50-year-olds dressing as 20-year-olds. ---->>>

Coco Chanel was always doing things with ballet, so it is a tradition clashing fashion and ballet. ---->>>

I am very lucky in that I can eat what I want and don't have to follow any special diet. ---->>>

I could live very quietly, do advertising to earn money. ---->>>

I definitely want to work on a project with young designers, not just French but international. ---->>>

I do think fashion is fun! Much more than people think. ---->>>

I like to surprise people. I try to take risks. ---->>>

I love if someone invites me to a restaurant, so I don't know if that's a feminist. ---->>>

I think the 'Harpers Bazaar' woman is not a fashion victim; she understands fashion but is not a victim, you know. ---->>>

People always say, 'You look like Iggy Pop.' ---->>>

When a designer creates, he looks at the world around him. ---->>>

A lot of rumours on the Internet are wrong and horrible. ---->>>

A magazine is not just one person. And a fashion shoot is the same! ---->>>

At the start, I had no idea to go into fashion, because I thought people would think I was stupid. I don't worry about those things anymore. ---->>>

Even though jeans suit me, I never wear jeans. ---->>>

Fashion is a completely international business. ---->>>

Fashion is a hard business. ---->>>

French 'Vogue' was always a photographer's magazine. ---->>>

I actually love the 'rappers look,' with the saggy pants and oversized clothes. It's very deliberate. ---->>>

I always love to push myself, because I am not so self-confident. ---->>>

I always try to be nice to the paparazzi because finally, maybe one day, they won't ask for me, and I will regret it. ---->>>

I am afraid of blood, but for some reason often I put blood in my photos... I don't know why. ---->>>

I am not mean at all; I am not tough at all. ---->>>

I am very excited to be able to work more with young designers and support them. ---->>>

I don't think because you have money you have taste... Education and money - this is quite rare. No? ---->>>

I don't think the woman in French 'Vogue' was an object. She was always a real woman. ---->>>

I get on well with models, and I like to treat them well. ---->>>

I know that people in fashion and people in general hate to be filmed. ---->>>

I love the noise of my wooden clogs on my wooden floor. Dancers wear clogs. They're good for you. ---->>>

I never think I have to prove something. ---->>>

I saw 'The Devil Wears Prada.' I don't think it's a reality. ---->>>

I see girls who are so skinny on the catwalks, and I know so many of them destroy their lives and their family's lives. ---->>>

I think I have character, and that is what people like in me. ---->>>

I think when I became a grandmother my life changed a lot, and I think I changed personally. ---->>>

I want more women to run countries. There'd be more peace on Earth. ---->>>

I want to be the Joan of Arc of fashion. I want to be the link between the runway and the real woman. ---->>>

If Caravaggio was a photographer today, I would love to work with him. I love his dark vision - I have a dark vision. ---->>>

If Kate Moss hadn't been booked when she was 14, Kate Moss might not exist. ---->>>

If people ask me to describe my look, I always say: 'Quite classic with an edge.' ---->>>

If you listen too much, you won't be able to create. ---->>>

It's always fun when people ask you for advice. ---->>>

It's interesting to know how much you are worth. ---->>>

It's very difficult for designers today. How can someone produce so many shows? Now the minimum is four a year. ---->>>

My mom read French 'Elle' when I was a little girl, and so, when I was 15 or 16, I said, 'I want to work in fashion.' ---->>>

The less you have, the more you enjoy. ---->>>

To be a good model, you have to be very smart. ---->>>

To see yourself on the big screen, you're big, you hate your voice, your vocabulary. You say the same words, you speak bad. ---->>>

'Vogue' is a very beautiful magazine, an institution, and I learned so much working there. ---->>>

We are very lucky to work in fashion and not work in a hospital or something where the biggest deal we come across is perhaps the length of a skirt. ---->>>

When everything is good, maybe I think it's the time to do something else. ---->>>

When I was a little girl, my mother tried to make me dance, but I did not like it then. ---->>>

When you're writing, you're on your own, and I like to work as a team. ---->>>

Working with Barneys, and choosing the looks, I was thinking about whether a real woman would buy this outfit and feel beautiful and comfortable. ---->>>

Yes, I can speak a bit and I can read and write in Russian. I learned it from my grandmother who raised me with all the Russian fairytales. ---->>>

You don't choose your public; your public chooses you. ---->>>

Blogs are quite a new development - now, everyone wants to know you, everyone wants to know everything about you. And you can build a following that way. In a way, it's a good thing if you want to create a buzz around yourself. ---->>>

Here in France, I've seen some very good young designers, but they don't have this ability to be good businessmen, too. I think America gives you this. ---->>>

Anna Wintour is the most powerful woman in the global fashion industry, the first lady of fashion. She's a politician; I'm a stylist. They are two very different jobs. ---->>>

Designers have told me that their collections are so me, but I don't always recognise it because if you ask me what my style is, I'm really not that sure. ---->>>

I am just doing photo shoots. It's not something that extraordinary. I'm not a great artist, I'm not writing books, I'm not a painter, and people in the streets ask me for a picture or a note, and I say, 'Why?' ---->>>

I never like to wear too much makeup, and sometimes the best makeup is when it's not too perfect. I like to sometimes apply my makeup with my fingers. ---->>>

I think that Americans, they love comfort more than Europeans. Americans created the T-shirt, the sweat pants, and they create the best sporting shoes. ---->>>

I would never share my daughter's wardrobe. Every five years you have to go through your wardrobe and say, 'This is possible, this is not possible.' But you have to be happy with yourself. ---->>>

I've always used black girls on the runway, because I think they're beautiful. I don't need people to tell me, 'You need to use black girls.' I did for 20 years; it's not a new thing for me. ---->>>

If I'm doing something in fashion, I will try to respect the 'laws' of the business, but I will try to keep my integrity and my respect for the designers and for my readers. ---->>>

People ask me 'Why you want to do another magazine - 10 years at 'Vogue,' a great magazine? Why do you want to make a new one? It's so difficult and there's already so many.' I wanted to do something new, bring a new vision. ---->>>

There are a lot of good men's magazines. In England, you have 'Arena Homme+' and 'Another Man;' and in France we have 'L'Officiel Hommes.' But all are looking similar. ---->>>

When I was working with Tom Ford, he would just look at me and ask, 'Will you wear it?' I'd say, 'Ah, too long, too short, lower waist, deeper V, unbutton' - that sort of thing. I don't create clothes, but I definitely know how to make them come alive. ---->>>

When you go to a show, Americans in New York are very proper, much more so than the French. Everything is perfect. Their hair, the nails, everything. The look. Everything is perfection. ---->>>

When you're editor-in-chief of a big magazine, you cannot be a cover girl for MAC; you cannot be the face of Givenchy - of course you can't; it's doesn't go with the job. ---->>>

You can be beautiful with big breasts; you can be beautiful in your 40s. If you don't have perfect ankles, still you can move your legs in a certain way and look very sexy. ---->>>


Born: 09-19, 1954
Occupation: Editor

Carine Roitfeld (French pronunciation: ​[ka.ʁin ʁwat.fɛld]; born 19 September 1954) is the former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, a position she held from 2001 to 31 January 2011. A former fashion model and writer, she announced her resignation on 17 December 2010 and was succeeded by Emmanuelle Alt (wikipedia)