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Measurements of the specific ionization of both the positive and negative particles, by counting the number of droplets per unit length along the tracks, showed the great majority of both the positive and negative particles to possess unit electric charge. ---->>>

Sweden is the home of my ancestors, and I have reserved a special place in my heart for Sweden. ---->>>

Information of fundamental importance to the general problem of atomic structure has resulted from systematic studies of the cosmic radiation carried out by the Wilson cloud-chamber method. ---->>>


Carl D. Anderson profile (carl-d-anderson.jpg)
Nationality: American
Born: 09-03, 1905
Die: 01-11, 1991
Occupation: Scientist

Carl David Anderson (September 3, 1905 – January 11, 1991) was an American physicist. He is best known for his discovery of the positron in 1932, an achievement for which he received the 1936 Nobel Prize in Physics, and of the muon in 1936.(wikipedia)