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When you have no one to answer to, vendetta as investment strategy is as legitimate as anything. ---->>>

You learn in this business: It you want a friend, get a dog. ---->>>

I enjoy the hunt much more than the 'good life' after the victory. ---->>>

Don't go in and tell somebody else how to run their business. ---->>>

I'm a cynic about corporate democracy and boards. ---->>>

In 2008, people who invested in hedge funds needed capital badly, but many of the funds would not return their money. However, I gave money back to any investor who requested it. It was the bottom of the market and a pretty tough time. ---->>>

Anyone that makes me a quarter of a billion dollars, I like. ---->>>

I like winning. There's also a certain joy in it. I feel fulfilled by it. ---->>>

My wife watches me like a hawk. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: 02-16, 1936
Occupation: Businessman

Carl Celian Icahn (born February 16, 1936) is an American investor and business magnate. He is the founder and majority shareholder of Icahn Enterprises, a diversified conglomerate holding company based in New York City, formerly known as American Real Estate Partners. He is also Chairman of Federal-Mogul, an American developer, manufacturer and supplier of powertrain components and vehicle safety products (wikipedia)