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A guilty conscience is the mother of invention. ---->>>

A blunder at the right moment is better than cleverness at the wrong time. ---->>>

Advice is one of those things it is far more blessed to give than to receive. ---->>>

A cynic is a man who looks at the world with a monocle in his mind's eye. ---->>>

I am more fond of achieving than striving. My theories must prove to be facts or be discarded as worthless. My efforts must soon be crowned with success, or discontinued. ---->>>

It is the interest one takes in books that makes a library. And if a library have interest it is; if not, it isn't. ---->>>

Youth is a silly, vapid state, Old age with fears and ills is rife; This simple boon I beg of Fate - A thousand years of Middle Life. ---->>>

Of two evils choose the prettier. ---->>>


Nationality: American
Born: June 18, 1862
Die: 03-26, 1942
Occupation: Author

Carolyn Wells (June 18, 1862 – March 26, 1942) was an American writer and poet.(wikipedia)