Casey Abrams short quotes

If my life was a song it would be 'Who Let The Dogs Out'.

If my life was a song it would be 'Who Let The Dogs Out'.

What I really like doing is taking risks, musically. ---->>>

In my spare time I like watching TV, laying on the couch, just chillin'. ---->>>

I consider myself a bassist first. ---->>>

If I shave, I don't have a chin anymore. ---->>>

You know I want to sing for people, I want to jazz people up I want to make new music that they've never heard. ---->>>

I love making music, I love composing on my computer, just making crazy ethnic slack orchestral tracks, that's one of my fun things. ---->>>

I had no idea I could make it this far. And the fact that they told me I made it this far and that America is going to vote for me, I freaked out. ---->>>

I have musical ADD, so I like to switch things up. ---->>>

I like kissing people because it's funny. ---->>>

I'm a car singer, in fact sometimes I pretend to take my dog out for a walk, and I'll just drive him around and start singin'. ---->>>

If you're a good singer, you're going to make anything sound good. ---->>>

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